Medical Waste treatment system

Medical Waste therapy system

The medical waste therapy system will certainly be environmentally-friendly, as well as have a capability of
relating to 200-300kg per set, to allow therapy of medical waste developed in a 160-bed
medical center
If, the equipment requires to be self-steam creating
vapor is needed for the sanitation treatment.
– Steel things. – Pathological waste.
– Compact the waste to reduce its amount
Unloading of cured waste will certainly be automatic, with even more shredding center
All running attributes will certainly be risk-free, automated
1. The whole cycle will certainly be computerized with all important operating requirements secured as well as likewise
password protected.
2. There will be a files characteristic of the treatment cycle,
The device shall have a hands-on mode of operation in instance of stopping working of the automatic attributes
The adhering to criteria will certainly be presented:
1. Power on
2. sterilization indication light
3. auto/manual switch
4. open door warning light
5. vapor pressure
6. cycle chart recorder