1. l) Ease of Use and maintenance
  2. i) The unit should be simple to learn to use, operate, and maintain.
  3. ii) The unit should have abbreviated operating instructions included on or with the unit (e.g., on a laminated card

attached to the unit).

iii) The unit should be easy to clean, disinfect, and/or sterilize, as appropriate. iv) The unit should be designed for

easy access to serviceable parts.


  1. m) Special maintenance tools, spare-parts and consummables
  2. i) Where necessary or required, the supplier must include any special tools required for the maintenance of the

proposed equipment

  1. ii) Each equipment must be supplied with the recommended spare-parts
  • The new incinerator is to be used for burning mostly paper but also cigarettes confiscated by customs.


  • The design is to be based on 1200 bags per year, standard brown bags for burning “ BANNER”, Product Code

971-0003, capacity 75 litres;


  • The quantity of cigarettes is not known but is not expected to be the deciding factor, at least in terms of