30 kg per hour-incinerator

Secondary combustion chamber shall be either the rotary- or stationary-hearth (or kiln) type incinerator designed to


oxidize (or burn) the organic vapors and gases. Burner and combustion air controls shall be fully automatic

Diesel incinerator of 25Kg / h




Box dimensions of the incinerator.


Approx Width: 900 mm

Approx: 1000 mm

Approx height: 1000 mm


Dimensions of the chimney


Min height: 6000 mm

Diameter: 300 mm


Provided with two primary and secondary chambers.

Primary chamber volume: 0.25 m3

Secondary chamber volume: 0.25 m3


Made of steel with refractory lining

Door removal of grays

Display draws in both chambers

Temperature probes PTC type



Thermal Power Max: 5100 Kcal / h, 59 kW

Min 1700 Kcal / h, 20kw


Consumption approx. 2.6 to 5.0 kg / h

Voltage 230V-50Hz

Fan 75W, Rotation 2800 Rpm

Ignition transformer

Ignition means electrodes

Controller burner

Table controller

Thermometer digital camera primary and secondary

Regulating combustion head

Air regulation

Fuel: Diesel