animal incinerator cost



The incinerator shall be able to incinerate both liquid and solid as per data below;



Liquid waste to be incinerated


The sludge to be incinerated is composed exclusively of a water and oil mixture in any proportion from the diesel power

plant running on heavy fuel oil. A sample specs of the heavy fuel oil used is annexed for info.

For capacity requirement, the characteristic of the sludge is as follows; Composition:

Water: 20 %,

Sludge derived from Heavy Fuel oil : 75 % Sludge derived from waste lube oil : 5 %

Mixed: Homogeneous with the diameter of solid particles not exceeding 0.8 mm

Temperature of sludge: 70 deg celcius Calorific value : around 8000 Kcal / Kg

Incinerators room for 3 incinerators as item 3-1-1, and waste store for keeping wastes for 7 days, including all

constructions by reinforced concrete with Incenerator and store equipment, all wiring, lighting, water supply and




Flow rate of sludge to be incinerated: 200 – 275 l/h Burning capacity: 1800 – 2400 KW

Provide Incinerators room & waste store with fire fighting system, including sprinklers, approval of water source at

site, fire alarm system contains sensors for heat & smoke, to be linked with the hospital fire alarm systems