animal incinerator price

This Server Pack (Supplied As Part of the Machine) Constitutes Sufficient Parts to Maintain the Machine Adequately For

A 3 Years; the Parts in the Kit Mainly Related To Diesel Fired Burners and Are As Follows;


Thermocouple Temperature Sensor -2

Burner Blast Tubes -3

Burner Diffuser Assemblies -3

0.65 Dia: Nozzles -4


There Would Be A Requirement To Replace Any Components On Or Inside The Control Panel, Or Any Other General Components

(Excl: Those Listed Above) During An Operational Period Of 3 Years.



Note: All Parts Are Covered Under Warranty for 3 Years and Must Be Replaced

If Any Damaged Occur During First Year.




-Country of Manufactured: (USA – UK – Europe – JAPAN)


-Inspection for 4 Persons at Country of Origin (Manufacturing Site) Before Shipment For one Week.


-The Holocaust Must Be (Sealed) Except When We Use The Hole (Chimney), Which Must Be Fitted With Special Filter To

Prevent Remnant Of Flying Ashes And Other Combustion To Cross For The Space.


-The Design Of The Unit Shall Be According To Environmental Protection Agency Requirement.


-the incinerators are specialized for medical waste.