incinerator installation demo

The switchboard shall operate in a room with the following prevailing conditions:


–      Maximum ambient temperature of 40 0C

–      Maximum relative humidity of 95%

–      Saline atmosphere

–      Altitude: at sea level

–      Climate type: Wet and humid coastal conditions with cyclone associated to a small

tropical island in the Indian Ocean



Nominal Voltage 400 Vacs



Rated Insulation Voltage         1000 Vac


Rated frequency

50 Hz


Common Auxiliary Busbar:


–      Material


–      Degree of protection



IP 41



Ambient temperature Max. 400C





Relative humidity      Max. 95%





Surface Treatment      Manufacturer’s standard paint protection for prevailing

environment conditions





Access   Front and rear



Cable entry   Bottom



Standard      IEC



Auxiliary Voltages:


–      Spring charging motor      110 V DC



–      Control circuits   110 V DC



–      Indication lamp Circuits   110 V DC