medical incinerators in china

Would plant operations be operational on a basis of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, all year long except for

regular and preventive maintenance periods?


  1. How many hours per year could your process be operational?


  1. What would be your approach for larger projects aiming to valorize 1 000 tons per day?


  1. How much electricity could be produced using you technology based on a 1 000 tons per day installation to

valorize urban wastes having a humidity factor of say 50% and a calorific value in the order of 2.5 MW/ton of wastes at

the entrance of the waste-to-energy station (i.e. before pre-treatment of wastes)? What volume and characteristics of

ashes would be produced from such solid wastes valorization?


  1. What would be the capital cost necessary to meet the requirement to valorize 1 000 tons per day of urban



  1. What would be the selling price of electricity per kWhour to meet targeted profitability?


  1. Could you valorize sludge volumes coming from sewage treatment plants and if so at what maximum humidity

factor could you operate the station at?


  1. Considering that your process is an incineration process, oxygen will be required, therefore there will be

some air emissions from the process, how can air emissions be controlled to meet environmental norms?


  1. What would be your implication in any project : would you prepare process engineering, electricity production

engineering, engineering for site work, buildings, electrical hook up to existing electrical network? Do you have

complete construction capabilities or would you require a local partner to carry out which portion of construction

work? Would you also operate the station or use a local partner to operate the station?


  1. Do you also have the financing capacity for the design, construction and operation of any project? In Algeria,

financing would most likely not be required but this could be the case in other countries where Gestech International

is presently involved in.