Automatic PLC controller burner plant with Dual warmth heaters and also twin chamber HICLOVER YD-30C with Damp Scrubber





Key Product Listing

Main Combustion Chamber( Main body stainless-steel)

Secondary Burning Chamber( Main body stainless steel)

Mix-Combustion Chamber

Wet Scrubber( Laundering Tower)( Text stainless-steel)

Burner Control Situation

Chimney:5.0 Meters

*( upgrade to Stainless-steel, complimentary cost)

Italy burner: 02 collections

Oil Storage Tank (if oil gas): 100Liters

Automatic PLC controller incinerator plant with Twin warm burners and twin chamber. Burning capacity up to 30 Kg per hour. Water showering cyclone air cleaner Discoloration less steel 304 quality sheet for water scrub chamber Time up to 250 mints. Totally automatic electric control circuit with timers Key temperature level 800-1000 deg C Second temperature1000-1200 deg C Hands-on filling/ dumping Automatic start at power fall short during procedure Fast temperature level increase control automated identifies quick shedding materials and save heater gas consumption by turn off/ on burner automatically. Appropriate for waste of health centers Variety of burner 2 Nos Voltage 380V 50Hz Functional enjoinment 5 C 60 C Moisture 10 C 90%

Gas kind Natural gas Variety of chamber 02 Nos

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