heaters that can take care of Bio-Medical waste red bag

heaters that can handle Bio-Medical waste (red bag) from lab with level 2 in addition to 3, pet research study, and health centers. There are additionally a percentage of Pharmaceutical waste to be damaged. I would definitely like your referrals on what heaters would certainly handle the these demand based upon the sticking to regular monthly kgs of material.

Site 1– – 4,650 Kgs regular monthly (I have suggest that I set up 2 burners at this location given that it is a medical research center in addition to the use is very high)

Web Site 2– – 1000Kgs each month (this center deals extra with animal research study nonetheless also has red bag waste from their research study side, they currently have a massive animal carouse heater)

Website 3– – 1000Kgs each month (this facility is an area medical care facility with bio-waste from dealing with people)