China incinerator

Incinerator Of Burning Capacity 30 kg/hr = 1 No

The Incineration System consists of:

I. Main Burner with

A. Refractory lined Key and Additional Chamber.
B. Refractory lined main charging door and ash cleaning door.

II i. 1 No. completely automatic oil heater for main chamber.
ii. 1 No. completely automated oil burner for additional chamber.

III.Centrifugal forced draft combustion air follower with electric motor.

IV. Circulation dimension tool on the Pri mary & & Additional air ducting.

V. Auto-loading in the type of Dual FDV mechanism with external entrance
handbook and also inner motorized.

VI. Emergency situation stack/ vent.

VII. High pressure Venturi scrubber of SS316 L

VIII. Cyclonic type droplet separator orgasm recirculation container in Mild steel
rubber lined (MSRL) building.

IX. I.D. Follower with MSRL casing & & SS 316 L impeller with electric motor.

X. Recirculation Pump (SS 316) with Electric motor in addition to piping & & valves in
SS 316.

XI. Expenses HDPE Water tank for scrubber in addition to water piping
in between container and scrubber.

XII. Adjoining ducting within the battery restrictions.

XIII. Instruments, valves, dampers and fittings within battery limitations.

XIV. PLC based Control Panel with necessary instruments.

XV. Data recording tool in the form of Printer.

XVI. Oil tank of 500 ltr capability in addition to oil piping, valves & & strainers in between storage tank & & burner.

XVII. Operati ng tools & & tackles like rake, hoe, shovel, 2 teeth scrapper.

XVIII. Caustic dosing system comprising of Tank- Agitator and also pump