clinical was incinerators Department of Wellness

health center waste administration group at a tertiary care health center,1250 beeded hsopital.

our everyday waste created from all resources is 0.55 kg/bed/day =685kg/day

we need an incinerator of 150kg/hour filling capability.

plz reply with, buying, installment, running as well as upkeep cost.incinerators, especially, medical was burners
Department of Health has actually floated a tender for Burner X 1 Device and also the closing day is on 16th June 2011. The spec of the Burner is as listed below:

Requirements of Burner

1. Must have preparation, Incineration, Scrubber steps to melt waste entirely and also waste gas need to be non-polluted

2. Strong steel, heat immune coating, stainless steel cover, painted tubular steel framework, 2-blowers, axial vane, appropriate drum (S/S, thick) for the burner should be provided.

3. Approximate. 20 to 25 Kg per set and the time needed for 1 set not more than 1 hour usually.

4. Ash should be only 5% of the waste material

5. Weight of IncineratorÔÇô 50-60 Kg

6. 220V Air Conditioning

7. Surgical, clinical & & laboratory waste

8. B X L X H = 4 feet X 8 feet X 6 feet

9. 1 year service warranty

10. ISO Licensed

11. Mobile Burner

12. Electric