clinical waste diesel incinerator

medical waste diesel burner Burning Price:47.5–– 50kg/hour.
Minimum Operating Temperature:850 o C( key combustion).
Optimum Operating Temperature level:1450 oC( Afterburner chamber).
Secondary Burning Capacity: Compulsory.
Thickness Insulation:20 mm High.
Refractory Casting: Minimum 65mm.
Heavy duty refracting lining to withstand:1500 oC.
Typical burn out time: maximum:3 humans resources.
Fuel type: Diesel.
Gas Consumption in L/hr:7.5 to 9.
Home time in additional chamber:2 sec.
Residue ash blog post 100kg: Max 3.8 kg.
Gadget for protecting against transmittable spatter and/or cross-contamination by securely sanitizing needles, rings, and so on by infrared warmth.
Electric characteristics.
1) A 120V, 60Hz mono-phase electrical source with line connection plug NEMA 5-15 kind.
2) Protections against over-voltage and over-current line conditions.
3) Compliance with applicable Haitian standards as well as regulations.

Operational qualities.
4) Rapid full sterilization in around 5-7 s.
5) Totally isolated quartz/ceramic tube, to provide security for the individual (no open flame).
6) Functioning temperature level around 820 ° C.
7) Mounted on a steady base, as per instance below.