maker of ha zardous waste burner in china

Burning Capability: 125 kg minimum/time (3-6times/ day), dual chamber, dual combustion system
Imputing door Mouth Width (mm): 760 * 760 (approx.).
Smokeshaft External Size (mm): 300 ± 10.
Combustion Improver Device: 0.11 kw, Fuel intake: 7kg/ hr (max).
Re-Burning Tool: Oil consumption: 5kg/h, 0.37 kw, Oil consumption: 10-20kg/ h.
Voltage: 380v/220v Air Conditioner, Service Warranty: 1 Year, 50 Hz

Per your advertisement for 300 Version– We need to know the rate through return.

The amount of Kg. of Gas would be required for running this Design 10 hrs. day-to-day.

We have our own Freight Forwarding Agent.

We had a Contract for Rubbish Monitoring prior to their Civil Battle for 120 Tons/Day for one Town in North Africa.
Medical Waste Burner

Twin Chamber (Main & & Secondary) with insulation pieces (completely insulated inner refractory lining) in addition to

regulated air blower for each chamber

Insulation/ Refractory Thickness: ≥ 100mm

Chamber plate thickness: ≥ 6mm

Fuel Kind: Natural gas based on shedding fuel in combustion chambers

Waste Ability: ≈ 150 Kg/Day

Incineration capacity: ≈ 25 Kg/Day (Different waste billing as well as waste elimination doors)

Burners: At the very least with (02) burners of automated begin and quit functions

Combustion efficiency: > > 97%

Temperature: programmable temperature with temp monitoring system

Residence time: 2 2nd in secondary chamber

Heating value: 4000 Kcal

Temperature Level Variety: ≈ min 800ºC to max 1200ºC

Electrical supply: 220V with solitary stage

Smokeshaft Plate Thickness: ≥ 5mm

Water scrubber: Rubbing making use of reagent like lime & & must made of SS 10 gauge of non-corrosion properties and painted

exteriorly by tools grade heat repellent enamel

Chimney Height: in between 15-25 feet