Medical Waste therapy unit

Medical Waste therapy system

The clinical waste therapy system will be environmentally-friendly, as well as have a capability of
regarding 200-300kg per batch, to enable treatment of medical waste created in a 160-bed
medical facility
The equipment needs to be self-steam creating if
vapor is required for the sanitation procedure.
The medical waste treatment device will can refining the following:
– Bagged waste, in ordinary bags.
– Sharps containers.
– Fluid containers.
– Cardboard containers.
– Steel things.
– Pathological waste.
The clinical waste therapy device will have the ability to
– mix the waste as well as shred it right into little pieces
– disinfect the waste
– Dehydrate the waste.
– Compact the waste to lower its quantity
Unloading of cured waste will be automatic, with more shredding center
All operating features will be safe, automated
1. The whole cycle will be computerized with all important operating specifications secured and also
password shielded.
2. There shall be a documents attribute of the therapy cycle,
The device shall have a hands-on mode of operation in case of failing of the automatic features
The complying with parameters will be displayed:
1. Power on
2. sterilization indicator light
3. auto/manual switch
4. open door warning light
5. vapor pressure
6. cycle chart recorder