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Technical requirements for burning device, animal waste incinerator supplier
1. 2 systems are called for to be mounted in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two systems will be utilized by personalized authority to burn different sort of drugs. All demand devices need to be provided.
2. Warranty: booth systems need to be given with 3 years warranty from the date of approval. All required extra components, preventative upkeep repair and also restorative upkeep need to be included in the cost as well as provided to the client.
3. All required electric as well as water links should be offered.
4. Both systems have to be of premium quality and must be environmental friendly.
5. The capacity of each system must be up to 100 kg/hr.
6. The system has to have automated feeding.
7. Each system must includes two burning rooms, one main space for burning the medication and also one more space for burning the gases that emit as a result of main burning.
8. The oven should be constructed from steel that is corrosion resistance and with thickness not less than 6 mm.
9. Each system should be of high reliable in shedding various sort of medicines, and also ought to have 99.9% effectiveness for burning organic products.
10. Waste products need to not exceed 5%.
11. System needs to have automatic ignition system.
12. System needs to utilize diesel (HSD) as fuel and ought to not consume more than 8 to 10 lt/hr.
13. Each system ought to be given with fuel storage tank of dimension appropriate to run the system for one complete day.
14. The temperature level in the primary room should be 850 C ± 50 C. the system need to additionally be qualified to operate as much as 1050 C ± 50 C. the system should can continues operation as well as should be supplied with concrete layer insulator with appropriate density.
15. Oven should be provided with warm insulator to permit easy operation.
16. Gas ought to stay in the additional area for not greater than 1.5 second.
17. The main burning area must contend least 2 heaters.
18. The second burning area need to have one heater.
19. Each system must have doors for ash, leave for air to the smokeshaft and also windows to allow looking inside and for maintenance.
20. Each system must have filtering system for gas handling with 2 tanks utilizing average water. Each water container must have capability of 1000 lt and ought to be repaired to the system as well as offered with water degree indication.
21. Each system must have special innovation for separating midsection products and also humidity after gas processing.
22. Each system needs to have cooling down ability after procedure.
23. Each system m must be offered with exhaust pipe with 250 mm diameter and also 10 m high. The base of the exhaust system ought to be 1000 mm. The exhaust pipe must be 6 mm as well as needs to be supply with heat insulator. The exhaust system should be provided with pressure sign. It ought to additionally offer with ladder and Lightning Arrestor.
24. Electric power: need to be 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, as well as the motor must not be less than 15 HP.
25. Each system must be given with control panel and also indicators and needed security devices and alarm. The control panel ought to reveal at least temperature level in both the key and additional areas and also injectors of the filters and also load.
26. Each system ought to be offered with security system for any break down or defect of any type of part of the system.
27. The complying with personal protective tools have to be provide:
a.Heat immune garments for 20 individuals.
b.Heat resistant goggles for 20 persons.
28. All elements of each system must be repainted with silver color that is heat resistant.