waste incinerator producers china

Ability Not much less than 500Kg/hr.
Procedure 24hr-7days/ week constant operation.
Burning chamber 2 burning chamber.
Temperature. Burning chamber 800-1000 C.
Secandry combustion burning 1000-1200 C, with the possibility to be upgraded to 1400 C.
Combustion Efficiency Effectiveness 99.99%.
Retention time Of the circulation gases not less than 2 Sec in the hot part.
Excess Oxygen concentration Of primary burning chamber 3-6% max.
Refractory The chambers must be lined with high thermal shielding refractory blocks with ideal density and also with extremely temperature. resistance. Not less than 1400 C for the first combustion chamber, and not much less than 1600 C for the secandry combustion chamber, and also at the exact same time prevent the Temp. of the outside body of the chamber not higher than 70 C.
Doors Must be lined with the very same bricks, and the sides lined with unique ideal shielding product to avoid any kind of gas running away, and also the doors must be kept under unfavorable stress during the operation.
Air Exhaust Control System With high damage and elimination performance (DRE). Not less than 99.9999 based on KEPA.
Wet System If the system equiped with a CEMS washing the circulation gas with water, then it must be produced from suitable anti corrossion materials, and also equiped with pH meter to gauge as well as reduce the effects of the water. It ought to be able to utilize the water in shut recycled circuit often times prior to treating/ discharging right into the sewage system in compliance with KEPARS.
Chemical application It must be equiped with appropriate autochemical application system to manage the pH for the water of the wet scrubber system consisting of sensing units.
Chimney It need to be suitable with the capacity as well as the technical requirements, with height not much less than 12m from ground degree. With simple opennable sampling point equal about 3 inch, and the maximum sampling areas is at the very least 8D downstream instructions and also 2D upstream from any type of flow disturbancies.
Sampling factor Needs to be equiped with a system situated down the sampling factor by a range not much less than 1 m, and also equiped with ideal stairs from ground to the port with comfortable slope.
Ash Removal It need to be vehicle ash removal system.
Fuel It ought to be twin system, such as diesel as well as gas.
Feeding System Should be car feeding system into primary chamber.
Control Area Should be equiped with a control board shows Temp. of the combustion heaters, gas tracking, digital Temperature. indecation for the primary/secondary chambers, electronic Temperature. sign for the gases … etc. it ought to be also Car operation, burnures on/off car lights switch over, auto start/stop for air discharge control system, automobile gas continual surveillance system analysis as well as print out of gas emission specifications…… etc. Air conditioning System The main chamber ought to be given with auto cooling systemthrough nozzles to permit direct air conditioning if the Temperature. will certainly be heigher than 1100 C.
Inter-lock system The incinerator should be equiped with inter-lock system to stop feeding the waste to the primary chamber if the burning Temperature. less than 500 C.
Flue therapy and also cleansing To consist a consolidated system (wet/dry), making use of water, lime, energetic carbon as well as ceramic filters.
Appeasing system/Heat exchanger Must be made as well as produced from anti rust and acid attack products such as stainless steel 316 or comparable.
Noise Degree Not greater than 85 dBA throughout normal operation.
Inaddition The desigh ought to insure that responsive secure control systems are utilized.
The burner should be mounted inside closed appropriate structure with great oygenation as well as air flow system. The building has facilities for off-loading of wastes from transport lorries. Automobile cleansing system for trucks and also waste containers, and also great storage area…… and so on
. The quotation ought to included list of original spare components for 7 years.
The quotation must consist of supervising, launching and training of the drivers and also ministry of health and wellness designers inside/outside Kuwait.
In-depth drawings, magazines ought to be consisted of.