It should be a 3 chambered burner
The tons capacity of 250 kg
The real estate for the incinerator need to be able to stand up to the temperatures and also various other functional needs.
The chimney ought to have a strong refractory cellular lining of special type of cement to withstand temperature levels greater than 1200oc.
It must have a solid base for the device to keep it stable, firm as well as safe and secure throughout its operational lifespan.
The primary (burning) and also the second (scorching) chambers to be fitted with burners for effective burning.
In the 3rd chamber, scrubbers as well as precipitators will certainly require to be set up as pollution control equipment prior to emission of gases into the environment.
A system for constant emission Surveillance as well as Ecological Tracking.
A system with which to deal with the waste water prior to discharge into the sewage system.
Temperature control and also surveillance gadgets (probe thermostat) need to be availed to make sure that the ideal temperature levels are obtained in the chambers throughout procedure.
Electric motor (followers) adequate to cause adequate air right into the combustion chambers and also guide the gases in the direction of the flue 9 chimney).
High power electrical energy and emergency generator link for automated ignition objectives.
The chimney ought to be tall sufficient and be at the very least one meter over the highest building around.
The fuel storage tank (industrial diesel) to be built beside but out side the incinerator housing for security functions as well as to avoid fire hazards. Capability of 250.
Various other Requirements
Training of all the workers involved in healthcare waste (HCW) administration.
The Automatic Feeding system of the Burner
Automatic waste filling system with conveyor belts. These will lead the waste into the initial primary chamber.
An Automatic base ashes discharge system.