hospital burner

Supply, setup and testing of clinical waste burner with a capability of 75 kg/ hr gas (LPG) total with all accessories and also as a result with the chimney based on the technical specs as well as conditions of public wellness
make a space for the incinerator that fit 3 incinerators as in thing 3.1.1 and affixed to the burner room waste store that suit waste for a period of seven days as well as all the buildings of enhanced concrete with preparingg burner building and also shop with all the work of wiring, electrical as well as illumination systems, water supply and also sanitation
supply incinerator building as well as the waste stockroom with a fire extinguish sprinkler system relies on the source of the water from network of teh basic site, along with a fire alarm system contains sensing units for warm, smoke and this system is linked with the medical facility emergency alarm systems
Supply, setup as well as screening of the air flow system of the incinerator room and also the stockroom with fans ROOF COVERING TOP EXHAUET FOLLOWERS offering them with filters with high performance (HEPA FILTER trip to draw fans with taking the air modification price of 5 times per hr with streams and also air required grilles
Supply, setup, testing different conditioning unit for waste database DUCTED SPLIT UNITES and capability enough to maintain the interior temperature level at 14 degrees Celsius in summertime and winter
Supply, installation, screening of the cooling shop of shielded premade wall surfaces inside the waste room with a capacity of 35 cubic meters to conserve the medical waste at a temperature of no Celsius till shedding including the cooling unit and all accessories
UNSAFE wood.
play timber.
petroleum residual waste.
hydraulic hose system.
calcium hydroxide bags.
bags or wooden boxes including cyanide.
medical waste.
plastic and also textil awnings.
plastic bathtubs.
hygienic waste.
plastic bags.
building and construction recurring.
infected dustcloths or towels.
plastic or packaging of food.
polyestirene dishes, glasses, spoon, fork, etc.Capacity incinerator clinical waste to high burning temperature level.
With a smokeless gadget to shield the setting as well as with two combustion chambers furnished with gas burners or oil.
– burner to shed large volume items of 70 cm.
discrepancy: Automatic Control System.
– destructive capability from 20 to 30 kgs.
First-room/ Temperature = 900 ° C combustion.
Second room/ Temperature level = 1200 ° c afterburner