hospital incinerator supplier

Burner to have dual burning chamber and also control quantity of dioxin as well as other gasses released without being dangerous.

Estimated measurements, to manufacturers typical, but to be compact as feasible. capability: roughly 60kg each day, voltage: 220V and also diesel fired.

CSH Health Center, (Calabar, Nigeria)

Mmedical waste burner capable of getting rid of approximately 0.5 cubic meter of transmittable or pathological waste.

Incinerator to have dual burning chamber as well as control quantity of dioxin and other gasses discharged without being harmful.

Approximated dimensions, to suppliers standard, however to be compact as feasible. ability: about 120kg daily, voltage: 220V and diesel fired.INCINERATOR (WASTE INCINERATOR).
Developed to shed disposables that can as well as need to be destroyed on-site. Theses wastes consist of contagious and also polluted “red bag.” Surgical dressings, plastic examination devices and also other wastes.
Quick, complete, reliable waste disposal.
Double chamber burning, Chambers shielded as well as lined with high temperature refractory. Programmable electronic temperature level controls, temperature signs and also charge recorder. Regulating control for fuel and air reduces gas consumption.
Minimum installation as well as launch time.
Aluminized steel coat lined with refractory and also firebrick. Screens recorders as well as other accessory tools ought to be offered.
Billing system:.
– Upright fee door on primary chamber.
– Pneumatic or hydraulic ram billing system.
– Vehicle closed down of the door after charging.
– Primary and second chamber temperature presented and also taped (optional).
Charging price:.
– Approximately 100kgs per hr of waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg.
Fuel:- Gas.
Capability (Cubic Mtr): 1.65 M3 or even more.
Ave Capacity: 100kg per hour.
Additional Chamber Capability (CubicMtr):3.88 or even more.
Size (mm): 1880 or much better.
Width (mm): 1280 or better.
Height Incl. Flue (mm): 7700 or better.
Ash Door Opening (mm): 475 × 900 or much better.
Min. Running temperature: 90 level centigrade.
Max, Operating Temperature: 1350 level centigrade.
Residency time in Second Chamber: 2 sec.
Temperature Tracking: Both for key and also additional chambers.
Packing SystemManual/semi-automatic.
Waste damage performance:> > 90% by weight.
Filter: Ceramic or various other comparable filters in order to lower the induction of dangerous air contaminants, particulates, carbon monoxide, dioxin/furane right into the atmosphere.
De ashing system: Manual/semi-automatic.
The System needs to be quoted total with:-.
– Pipes.
– Electric panels.
– Civil functions.
– Waste collection Trolleys

Complete/ Paint:-.
Premium quality warm resistant, 2 layers state-of-the-art epoxy Paint layer.
Set Up Power (Electric Voltage): 440V/ 50 Hz.
Waste Management Tools must have;.
Mobile packing trolley: 06 No’s– For transportation of health center waste from wards to burner website/ area, Opening from the top.
WASTE BINS MOBILE: 06 No’s- Constructed from Plastic, in blue shade with a cover flap.
Plastic Bags: 2000 no’s each in Red and also Yellow shade.
Heavy Duty Hand Protection Pairs: For Waste managing staff-06 Pairs.
Long Shoes Pairs: For waste handling– 06 Pairs.