medical incinerators

● Able to shed 25-30kg per hour
● Consist of 2 chambers to make certain substantial decrease in exhaust
● Be capable of temperature level in range of 800c to 1000c
● Low upkeep style
● Has to be Gasoline
● Required greater than 15amp 220- 250V power
● kW Consumption power usage to be specified
● Onboard or built-in gas storage space storage tank & & should make use of no greater than 12L of passes away el per hr to shed 25-30kg of waste
● Strong waste decrease in variety of 90-97% (ought to be regularly attained).
· General wastes created on a daily basis include paper, plastic, natural products, boxes, plastic containers, leaves, etc;

· Total waste created each day: 10-12 tonnes;

· Hours of Operation: 10 hrs a day;

· Fuel requirement: Diesel or waste oil chosen yet LP gas will be thought about;.
Gas choices Oil.
Gas usage (diesel) 10 litre/hour.
Typical Capability 900kg.
Diamention: Size (mm).
Size (mm).
Elevation Excl. Flue (mm).
Door Opening (mm) 2570.
1000 × 1670.
Interior Chamber Dimen:.
Size (mm).
Size (mm).
Elevation Incl Flue (mm).
Minutes. Operation Temprature.
Max. Procedure Temprature.
House Time in Second Chamber.
Temprature Tracking.

2 sec.
Secret Features.
– Auto ignition.
– Automatic control and temprature.
– Upto 250 kg per hr.
– Thick refratory lining rated to 1600 deg C in main chamber retain warmth, increase efficiency.
– Warm immune 5 mm steel.
– Stainless-steel stack.
-12 cm of refractory cellular lining- steel reinforced.
-12 month or 1000 hours waranty.
– Warm recovery system.
– Wide door for ash removal.
– Huge leading opening lid for simple filling