Pet incinerator for pig farm Average 100 kgs per hr


A1500 (consumer made design)

Interior Measurements

150 x 100 x 96cm

Fit for Pet

Feline – – yes

– Pet dog – yes

– Pig – yes

Cow – no

Key Item List

Primary Combustion Chamber

Second Burning Chamber

Mix-Combustion Chamber

Wet Scrubber( Laundering Tower)( Optional Part)

Incinerator Control Situation

Smokeshaft:10.0 Meters *( upgrade to Stainless Steel, free cost)

Italy oil heater: 03 sets

Oil Container: 500Liters

Optional Part

Movable platform & & Auto. Door and also Independent air supply system at lower

Burning Price

Typical 100 kgs/hour

Feed Ability

Standard 150 kgs/feeding

Main Combustion Chamber

1500 Liters

Second Burning Chamber

500 Liters

Mix Combustion Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber

Yes( Damp Scrubber) (optional)

Feed Setting




Gas Kind

Diesel Oil


Italy Original

Oil Intake (Diesel Oil)

Typical 53 kg/hour

Gas Usage (Natural Gas)


Inner Dimensions

150 x 100 x 96cm (primary chamber)

External Dimensions

240 x 170 x 380cm (without chimney)

Temperature Level Display


Oil Storage Tank Capacity( if oil gas)

500 Litres

Door Opening

90 x 80cm

Smokeshaft Size

10.0 Meters

Smokeshaft Kind

Stainless Steel

Tools Gross Weight

9000 kgs

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