waste incinerator

Burring Capacity 100/ 200 KG/ human resources Please create your offer here
Variety of Heater 02 Nos Please write your deal here
Incinerator Type Double Chamber
Main Chamber
Secondy Chamber Please write your offer here
Burner Layout Controlled Air Please compose your offer below
Gas to be made use of Gas/ Deisel Please write your offer here
Packing System Guidebook/ Batch Type Please create your offer here
Warmer Time 20 minutes Please create your deal below
Sort of Paint Heat Resistance enamel paint Please compose your offer below.1. Gasoline: diesel

2. Intake: 8-10liter/ hour

3. Ability: to cremate (carrion and also spoils) 350-400kg/ hour

4. Temperature level: 900-1350? C

5. Operation temperature: -30 ~ 40? C

6. Burner weight: 1800-2000 kg

7. Quantity: 0.70-0.80 m/cube

8. Outside measurement: 1.4-1.6 * 1.0-1.15 m (L * W)