Dual-chamber controlled air burner or dual- chamber pyrolytic burner

Types of incinerator design acceptable: Dual-chamber controlled air burner or double- chamber pyrolytic incinerator

Products of building: The incinerator shall not have any type of asbestos, asbestos-containing compounds, mercury thermometers, and also mercury switches. Refractory materials shall have the ability to satisfy pertinent criteria under ISO TC33 as well as CEN/TC 187. Waste feed system right into the combustion chamber batch or constant loading: For continuous loading, the automatic billing ram or auger feed system shall be capable of infusing small amounts of waste at regular periods as well as ought to have the ability to avoid waste from being fed when the burning chamber temperature is much less than 850 ° C. Additionally, the waste feed should just be able opened at or below 50 ° C in an ambient temperature level of 21 ° C.Primary combustion chamber: Shall be built with a housing (reinforced to withstand interior pressures without deflection or damage to the refractory or other elements) supported by a structural structure and supplied with refractory lining and insulation
Accessibility doors, openings, and also voids: All accessibility doors, openings, and also gaps shall be sealed to stop discharge of smoke as well as exhaust gas and also to obstruct admission of air throughout incinerator operations. Doors subjected to flame or direct warm of combustion gases shall be lined with the exact same type and also thickness of refractory cellular lining and insulation as that utilized in the burning chamber

Grate system for the primary chamber Relocating grate, traveling grate, reciprocating grate, or rotating drum grate

Main combustion chamber temperature level # 850 ° C without cool areas

Secondary combustion chamber: Shall be created with an exterior casing (strengthened to endure internal stress without deflection or damages to the refractory or various other components) as well as offered with refractory lining and insulation

Secondary burning chamber temperature level 1100 ° C or higher

Second burning chamber residence time # 2 seconds after the last shot of air in the second chamber