Main and additional burners: Different electrically spark-ignited main heaters as well as secondary heaters with automatic control will be made use of to accomplish the specified temperature needs in the main and also additional chambers. The fires of the main and also secondary heaters will not strike the burner wall surfaces or floor.
The main burning chamber have to:

1. Be accepted as the primary burning zone.
2. Be geared up with a burner/s melting gas/fuel or reduced sulphur liquid gas.
Other burning approaches will be evaluated on advantages.

3. Ensure primary air supply is regulated successfully

Ensure minimum leave temperature level is not much less than 850oC

Air supply: Air supply in the key and also second chamber need to be regulated in between 30% -80% as well as 170%- 120% of stoichiometric quantity specifically. Suitable circulation measurement devices will be given on the primary and second air ducting. The combustion air will be provided via a different forced draft fan after accounting for the air provided via burners.The second combustion chamber have to:

1. Be accepted as second combustion area.
2. Be fitted with additional burner/s burning gas or low sulphur liquid gas or any type of ideal fuel.

3. Guarantee additional air supply is regulated successfully.

4. Ensure fire call with all gases is attained.

5. Ensure house time is not much less than 2 (2) secs.
6. Make certain the gas temperature level as gauged against the inside wall in the secondary chamber & & not in the fire area, is not much less than 1100oC.

7. Make certain the oxygen web content of the given off gases is not less than 11%.
Make certain both primary as well as the burning temperatures are maintained till all waste has actually been totally combusted

lnsulation: lnsulation to be utilized for stonework, enhanced concrete, or non-combustible product will protect against damages to the structure from extreme warm and shall be of a thickness to limit the external casing to an optimum temperature of 66 ° C in an ambient temperature of 21 ° C when the burner is running at full ability.

Refractory: Refractory shall be #super obligation # as well as heat-resistant to a minimum of 1100 ° C in the key chamber as well as 1250 ° C in the secondary chamber. Refractory will also be abrasion immune in the prlmary chamber, constructed of plastic or castable kind refractory, designed to prevent protruding and also destruction because of warmth stress, efficient in sustaining more than twice the per hour burning rate as well as protecting against leakage of fluids, and also with a minimum thickness of 11O mm for walls and also fireplaces