setup of waste non reusable burner system

installment of waste non reusable system in airport.Incinerator with oil burner
Capability 2 ton/day, Oil storage tank 300 l Oil pump 0.4 Kw, Heater 0.2 Kw.
Version: YD Collection.
Native land: ITALY.- Diesel burner.

–– 25Kg/h. It will certainly have generally paper, cardboard and also food, though likewise it will certainly incinerate medical waste. So the burner will have the ability to deal with organic and contaminated materials.

–– Spare components for one year.Burning Capacity: 400kg/ Human Resources (Optimum Combustion time is 6 times/ Day).
Smokeshaft External Size: not greater than 400mm.
Fan Power: need to not surpass 1.1 kw.
Voltage: 220V.
Oil Intake: Need to not surpass 14kg/hr.
Feeding Door Size: not less than 1000x1300mm.
Incineration Temparature: 800 Degree or above.
CO- Have to not surpass 100mg/m3.
SO2- Must not surpass 400mg/m3.
HF( Hydrogen Flouride)- Should not go beyond 9mg/m3.
NO2- Must Not exceed 500mg/m3.
Smoke Dirt: Have to Not surpass 100mg/m3

–– The design need to prevent any type of launch of contaminating substances right into dirt, surface area water and groundwater.

–– Burning area needs to get to a minimum of 860 degrees under the most damaging conditions with at least 6% oxygen. Since it will treat harmful and organic waste, temperature level has to reach a minimum of 1100 degrees for a minimum of 2 2nd.

–– Flue gases must be cooled down to 200 levels or reduced prior to flue gas therapy. The flue gas cleaning equipment maust go to the very least two-field electrostatic precipitator/ESP, dust << 30mgNm3.

–– Thermal efficiency not less than 85%.

–– It must be geared up with filter to minimize as well as include toxins from natural and clinical waste.

–– Easy to operate for virtually inexperienced employees.