incinerator suppliers

incinerator suppliers.7) Burn rate: 15 – 20 Kg/h
8) Capacity: not less than 130 L
9) Concentrations of most pollutants in stack gases below detection limits
10) Diesel fuel
11) Electronic system control
12) Easy to operate and minimal training
13) Any accessory or dedicated device necessary to the proper functioning and utilization of the equipment included.Incinerator medical waste diesel, construction in painted steel aluminum resistant to high temperatures, device control

indicator flame, reload indicator, temperature control device, burning capacity of 250kg / 10 hours in 2 stages

(primary camera and secondary camera). One furnace to be installed in a hospital of 440 architectural beds and 375 administrative beds. This furnace should have the capacity to burn from 180 to 220 kilogram per day of medical waste and organic waste.
2.  One furnace to burn expired medicine that can incinerate around 500 kg of medicines or around 4,000 kg of expired medicine per day.a biology research lab uses an average of 2 000 rats per year and we hope to have a tool to incinerate and avoid putting them in the landfill.-Muhimbili National Hospital
-Kigoma Regional Hospital
-Ndanda Mission Hospital
-Musoma Regional Hospital
-Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar. waste Incinerator  that can be install in a truck and goes to different cities to incinerate Municipal Solid Waste, means all kind of waste, plastic, industrial incinerator to 1000 pounds per hour, for organic substrate and waste,
he want to know advantages of each incinerator
and use: gas or diesel, averages and prices separately,
also he wants a heater (economizer) for water 60 ° C, and to know the necessary water flow. presure to came 500 mts and into in 3 kg/cm2 vessel.ACL Hospital, Abuja (Nigeria)

Mmedical waste incinerator capable of disposing up to 0.25cubic meter of infectious or pathological waste.