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Sterilization time: approx. 30 minutes at 121◦C/1.1 Bar or approx  15 minutes at 132◦C/2.5 Bar to achieve 6log10 sterility Fragmentation inside the chamber: Heavy duty with maximum size of final

Lifting Chains: Must be dual lifting chain of roller style & must meet safety factor at least 6:1. Hydraulic System: Durable cylinder with a chrome plated ram and a relief

The secondary combustion chamber must destroy the contaminant product and must resist to high temperature(1100 °C)   Process Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional Emission Standards Compliance: BS

“Waste chamber Chamber capacity 300 kg Chamber volume .54m3 Chamber size (outside) Width: 91cm, Height: 86cm Length: 152cm Door opening 66 x 76 cm Height to door 84 cm Height

air retention for at least 2 seconds at a temperature of less than 850C, the combustion In order to achieve the proper effect. ? must be a two-chamber incinerators, primary

Dimensions: World standard: 0.83m(I) x 1.0m(w) x 1.4m(h) Burning efficiency: >98% china double chamber incinerator Features: ?     Waste type and burn rate: Designed specifically for use by poultry farmers, game-keepers

Up to 600kgs per ten-hour day of Type IV pathological waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg, based on batch loading twice daily. Incinerator, 20 kg/hr 

18   Electrical supply required 3-phase 19   Auxiliary fuel      Diesel or paraffin 20   Primary burner 21 Secondary (after) burner 22 Type of burners   Automatic pressure jet 23   Output Primary   Approx 600

BURNER, DIESEL DRIVEN waste kind: MEDICAL CARE WASTE Waste calorific well worth: 4000KCAL/KG Dampness Content: 10-25%. Small Capacity: 50Kg/Hour set tons. 2nd Chamber: 2 Secs @ 850degrees C. The major