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incinerator 500kg per hr

incinerator 500kg per hr

The secondary combustion chamber must destroy the contaminant product and must resist to high temperature(1100 °C)


Process Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional

Emission Standards Compliance: BS 3316 or équivalent standard

Version , the entire carcass of animals ( cattle , horses ,

Sheep, pigs , etc.) , as well as biologically hazardous waste

Products in the fuel stove .

? Opening Doors – the closure and fixation automated system ,

Which are managed remotely by the operator .

? designed to work in long mode and fast

Action ( Quick Start EP – i)

? Fully mobile – mounted on wheeled chassis

Even during the operation . Incinerators must be provided

As standard equipment a special truck

– Average temperature of combustion: ≥ 900 ° C


– Setting up the room: double wall;


– Materials of the combustion chamber in contact with the incineration zone: material refractory that can withstand

temperatures of over 1100 ° C;


– A burner using diesel fuel;


– Capacity of destruction hourly minimum 3 kg


– Fuel consumption less than or equal to 3 liters per hour


– Steel chimney with a length of six meters minimum


– Handling: compact and requires low technical skill level;


– Security: incinerator with a safety system to withstand shocks of explosions due to the unintentional introduction of



– Room capacity: 100 liters minimum


– Chamber of ashes: providing a tray of ash recovery.


– The proposed incinerator to be modular assembly system to overcome the maintenance difficulties in case of cracks.

(please Submit Pictures or photos).


– Each unit must be supplied with a device to fight against fire


– Each unit must be supplied with the following accessories:


  • A minimum of 6 kg extinguisher


  • A garbage bin for temporary storage of waste and ashes;