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incinerator for medical waste

incinerator for medical waste

Lifting Chains: Must be dual lifting chain of roller style & must meet safety factor at least 6:1.

Hydraulic System: Durable cylinder with a chrome plated ram and a relief valve for overload protection

Forks: Heavy duty steel approx. 4.0” wide x 42” long fixed forks

Platform: solid steel

Battery: A heavy duty 12 volt, 125 amps/hour industrial strength battery.

Battery Charger: Must be built-in battery charger, rectifier type with transformer, circuit breaker and overload

protection plugs into any 220VAC outlet.

Steering: A pallet truck style steer handle for easy maneuverability.

Wheels: approx. 5” phenolic rear casters for steering and approx. 4 “ phenolic wheels with roller bearings located

in the straddle legs.

Brake: A hand controlled floor lock brake that secures the until in place.


Load capacity: approx 1,500 Ibs

Load centre: approx 24 inch

Raised fork height : to suit customer needs

Overall mast height : to suit customer needs

Lowered height: minimum 4.0 inch

Fixed fork width: approx 7 inch

Fork length: approx 42 inch

Platform of approx. 25” x 25 “

Overall width approx 25 inch

Castors: approx 5 inch phenolic

Front wheel: approx 4 inch phenolic

(G)Technical Specification of Spore tester

Features and Specifications

It is an Auto-reader for Bacillus Stearothermophilus to test the spore in the discharge after treatment

(Sterilization) of the waste.

Should be a very Accurate, reliable and easy-to –use  units for reading Rapid Readout Biological Indicators (RRBI)

for Steam Sterilizer

Automatically reads indicator results.

There should be a red plus (+) light to indicate sterilization failure and a green negative (-) light to confirm that

the sterilization conditions have been met.

Available alarm in case of positive detected and RRBI is removed from the reader before final results have been


There should also be a Buzzer alarm OFF button.

The unit should be maintenance-free equipment and there should not be any light bulbs to replace for maintenance.

At least 12 Incubation/reader wells

A crushing well

Digital display

A Press-button by pressing which, the incubation time remaining for each individual incubation/reader well that

contains a RRBI will be displayed.

Power: 220 VAC , 50Hz

Accessories to be included

Samples/kits-100 pcs

Documents to be submitted as follows-

Fabricators accreditations

Test Report to prove ZERO harmful emission level provided as samples from other installations

Test report to prove sterility achieved at 6log10 level to be provided upon commissioning report and validation

Technical proposal must include:

The hospital should provide the necessary space; building & infrastructure; Sufficient Power, steam supply and

connection up to room; water & Sewage line to the room.

Room Preparation: Preparation, Renovation & Modification of the room is suppliers responsibility

The supplier should submit the necessary drawing(s) showing space requirement (room size  (L x W x H ) , dimensions

of processors & ancillary equipment.

Supplier must give the proposal of the total power requirement of the whole until and on which the hospital will

ensure the power supply. However, connections  inside the room is suppliers responsibility

The connection/fittings from the processor and ancillary equipment to water and sewage line is suppliers


A detailed training proposal including the duration of staff training on how to operate and maintain the processor.

A detailed maintenance schedule.

List of Spare parts and accessories required for maintenance of the system

Warranty & After Sales Services:

Warranty period will be minimum 03 (three) years or as offered by the manufacturer which comes later.

Warranty period will be counted from the date of handing over of machine to the user in functioning condition i.e.

date of commission

In warranty period the supplier have to provide all maintenance & repair services.

Brach time will not be counted in warranty period.

At last 10 year back up services (including warranty period ) has to be ensured by the supplier.

The repair/maintenance work should be carried out within 72 hours after getting request for such from the user.

Quality Standard: CE/FDA certificate of the offered item must be submitted with the offer

For verification of the certificate bidder must submit the followings:-

i)Mailing Address of the issuer of the certificate

ii)Web-site, e-mail address & Fax & Telephone Number of the issuer

The bid will be non-responsive if:-

i)The certificate issuer cannot be reached

ii)The issuer fails to authentic the certificate within the bid validity

iii)The issuer confirms that the submitted certificate is defective in terms of authenticity or validity.

Failure to establish the authenticity  of the certificate the bidder is liable to render the bid non-responsive and

the bidder open to action in the line with applicable regulations and act.

oOriginal catalogue must be submitted

oOriginal data sheet must be submitted.