medical waste incinerator solutions and prices for 100 bed / 500 bed / 1000 bed / 3000 bed hospitals.
– Assumption: general hospital beds 50%, operation beds 50% for the 100 bed hospital case, while this

ratio is 30-70% for the other cases
–  international standards and waste creations assumptions should apply

CAPACITY : Burner 150 kg/hr.

Quantity : Two [2] with complete accessories.

Types of wastes being used: GENERAL WASTE.Polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, vinyl acetate plastic, synthetic

natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyurethane sheet, and bulky films, solids and
– particles that can be easily sorted
– Items that easily degenerate such as paper, wood, leather and garbage
– Chemical waste solids and liquids, waste oil and other difficult-to-handle items

The  machines will be certified for operation from PME after passing site investigations.Manual load twin chamber

incinerator for medical waste to burn 50kg/hr on continuous operation, with Primary temperature in the region of

800degC minimum and 1200degC or more in the Secondary chamber, complete with charging door, Ash door, Air and view

ports, auxiliary air system with adjustable dampers, burners and burner control system and ignition unit, the whole to

meet NEMA requirements and other international standards. Здравствуйте! Меня интересует пе

чь для сжигания медицинских отходов инсинератор на 300 кг и 500 кг. Ж

ду ответа. Стоимость и доставка до г.Алматы Казахстан

The technical details we care about are:

–          Capacity (burning capacity of waste per hour). 150kg/hour.Incinerator with 300l waste chamber

–          Build materials, 5mm High quality mild steel construction ; 100 mm high quality refractory lining.

–          High Temperature paint finish.we have 2 hospitals,more then 20 dentist offices,and over 50 doctor offices.
would it be possible to give us info on the capacity of incinerator we need

on this island.

–          Up to 150 KG/Hrs. incinerator to dispose our daily normal mortality for this size of the farm.1.can the

100kg/hr burn solid waste/hazardous waste like expired paints,waste oil or chemicals.
2.What about the heat generated during burning,are there windows or air flow into the containers.

–          Consumption of power and fuel. hospital waste disposal system for a hospital project

–          Ash removal odor.The incinerator is for HAZARDOUS WASTE and SOLID WASTE and minimal carbon emission.

–          Automatic curing process temperature controlled chamber.Incinerator with 150l waste chamber

–          Secondary chamber.

1. Do you have plans for above incinerators showing floor dimensions ,height. INCINERATOR FOR SMALL ANIMALS ABOUT 70-


2. What materials should be used for the FLOOT, WALLS, ROOF ETC.1) The only consumable required for the system TS100

(PLC) is Oil( diesel) is that OK?

2) from your technical specification: oil consumption (Kg/hour) is between 14–28) do you mean is liters/hour?

example the incinerator will be operating for 10 hours per day means the oil consumption will be ~140 Liters or more?

3) Chimney type stainless steel. how about main body construction materials?if there are more two option of main body

construction materials for better lifetime

3. Send info about electricity, ventilation, fire protection, exhausts, chimney etc

4.Do you have prefabricated shelters?Installation of waste disposal system (biomedical) 500kg capacity model, MP 500

medical incinerator.

5. We see you have container shelters . Send us price estimate for this item

1.    Capacity of destruction in weight: 60 Kg/h.
2.    It should be able to operate not less than 10 hours/day
3.    This incinerator must be able to destruct all combustible wastes produced by hospitals, private clinics,

laboratories, institutes, etc…
4.    Design Specification : Types A, B, C, D, and E of medical waste
5.    “PYROLYTIC” combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste.
6.    The incinerator must avoid the release of black smoke and fine dust, (Smokeless) during the loadings.
7.    It should be able to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%.
8.    It should be able to hold emission in the second burn with gas residence of not less than 2 seconds.
9.    The incineration should be completely free from visible smoke as well as offensive odours.
10.    The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will be 3,500 kcal/kg
•    The Temperatures of combustion: Minimum will be 850oC and max 1400oC
•    Post combustion: >1100oC.
11.    The Internal diameter of the Chimney: Ø 400 and its height: 8 m
12.    The Volume of the combustion chamber: 1.200 L
13.    The Dimension of the door for loading in cm: 70×70.
14.    Burner operation should be Automatic On/Off
15.    Fuel : diesel
16.    The supplier must provide  necessary information for the best of  the installation
This incinerator with “PYROLYTIC” combustion must have:
17.    A combustion chamber of waste:
* Perfectly tight door for the manual loading of waste. The loading should be Manual, Batch Load
* A burner of lighting which the use is limited to the ignition of waste.
* Frontage of loading with door seals gone up on hinges, wheel of screw plug, flexible joint, and stuffing insulating

out of refractory.
* The insulation of the combustion chamber should be composed of refractory bricks, having a high content of aluminium

and insulates bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on   the outside sheet metal.
* Composition of the refractory;
•    Refractory concrete :
    . Thickness    : ≥100 mm
    . Nature: 42% of Al203
•    Insulate in fibrous panels :
    . Thickness: ≥75 mm
•    Nature: Calcium silicate.
* Burner of lighting of waste, with fuel, standard mono-bloc casting guiding  plunging flame, lighting and safety of

electronic ignition, permanent ventilation, electromagnetic sluice gate of regulation and isolating valve.
* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the fixing of glass and slags.

18.    A chamber of post combustion of gases
* A burner of combustion of gases,
* A device of injection of air allowing a total re-combustion of gases,
* A device of air inlet of cooling of waste gases,
* A sheath of evacuation of the gases burnt.
* Carcass in strong sheet steel with support of connection.
* Composition of the refractory;
•    Refractory concrete :
    Thickness    : ≥150 mm
    Nature: 65% of Al203
•    Insulate in fibrous panel :
    Thickness: ≥85 mm
     Nature: Calcium
* Burner with fuel, mono-bloc casting guiding type with horizontal flame, lighting and safety of     electronic

ignition, permanent ventilation, electromagnetic sluice gate of regulation and isolating valve.
* A secondary injection of air to ensure perfect oxygen content.
19.    A control box ensuring the complete cycle of combustion.

20.    Fan:
* Electro-ventilator distributing the secondary air, the regulation of the air flow being carried out by valves and

following the control of the automatic cycle.
21.    Controls and regulations:
Control box watertight to dust, including:

* A switch circuit breaker for each engine (ventilators and burners).
* A timer with adjustable temporization for the regulation of each burner.
* A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of combustion.
* A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of post combustion.
* Electric box.

21. The de- ashing must be done in the bottom of the combustion chamber or the deashing should be Automatic or manual

batch de ashing.
22. Process Filtering system: Scrubber to be mentioned as optional
23. Emission Standards Compliance: BS 3316 or equivalent standard
23. Capacity to treat Plastic: Not less than 40% by weight
24. CE Manufacturing Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997
22.    The supplier must give batches of spare parts of first urgency and consumable of the incinerator.
23.    The installed incinerator must bear a one year guarantee.
24.    The supplier shall perform an onsite installation of the incinerator.
25.    The technical training of operators will have to be provided and given by a technician
from the factory; it will consist of curative and preventive maintenance, and the use of machine, etc

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