Our interest is for disposing mainly cytotoxic waste, namely out of date or out of specifications cytotoxic pharmaceuticals. Other wastes for which we’d like to dispose along with the cytotoxic waste consists of out of date or out of specifications psychotropic pharmaceuticals (but not necessarily narcotics), sharps (needles) etc.

It is also very important for us to know if the unit is eligible to treat cytotoxic waste and also the characteristics and disposal of treatment residues. Moreover, operational needs in terms of energy and fuel consumption, as well as especially the off-gas treatment system applied, bear significant importance, as meeting the demands of Regulation 2010/75/EC is naturally necessary.

The quantity of disposal is about 100 kg per day as minimum. Bigger capacities up to 500-600 kg/d are also of great interest to us. Thus, please send us your proposal for both aforementioned daily capacities.

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