Automatic loading and reloading with capacity of 10 to 12 tons per day working with gas treatment methods and gas fuel and should comply with the European Standards.the Government Hospital for Medical Waste Incinerator with the following Specifications. they are having general wastes like tissues, plastic bottles etc ,wastes coming from labour camps, to be incinerated, they need, 50kg/hr incinerator
MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR.our hospital produce  40 kg every day from all waste material
–          Capacity: 1000 kg/h
–          Type waste: industrial waste
–          Other requirements: Automatic waste loading system and exhaust treatment system.
1. Capacity: 100kgs per batch
2. Temperature
I. Primary Chamber 600- 800
ii. Secondary chamber 850- 1500
3. Consumption per batch: 3.2hrs
4. Fuel consumption: 7 litres  per batch. Incinerator capable of treating between 300 & 500 kgs fitted with the wet scrubber system.complete Incinerator with a capacity of 500kgs/ hr with a wet scrubber unit. a 10-20Kg per hour of domestic waste? Also, I would like to know what is the minimum capacity incinerator you have in case we need something smaller?a Waste Incinerator of 500 Metric Tonne per day burning capacity as I am in possession of a large volume of mixed/municipal waste (4/5 million tonnes) of the following composition (52% organic, 12% plastic, 16% paper, 6% metal, 4% glass and 10% other).The EU codes of the waste are as follows: 20 03 01, 19 12 10 and 19 12 12.
One of the key deciding factors of the potential supplier is the energy consumption of the plan, indicated either per hour or per day and I would appreciate if such information can be made available.

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