an incinerator suitable for chemcial waste containers. capacity about 100 kgs per hour with a scrubber.1- One system of

medical waste materials incinerator
– Capacity : 100 kg
–  Fuel : gas oil

2- One system of normal waste materials incinerator
–  Capacity : 150 kg
–   Fuel : gas oil this kind of capacity will be a waste combustion central for a small city. you can find other

company. our products main for small waste output. for hospital directly, local at hospital, or portable/mobile

incinerator to one site when end-customer request. incinerator without smoke and smelting for the environment.

capapcity 500kg per day. Could you specify the point of oil fuel? By this you mean petrol or diesel?
with dieseil burner.we managed to get a walk in Algeria, and we hope to export to other countries in Africa.
we specify that we are interested in mobile incinerators for hospital use.

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