De manera atenta solicito me colabore con la cotizacion del incinerador incluyendo envió.Puri group a hospitality business in Indonesia is interested to introduce renewable energy in Indonesia or to use the energy sources for its facility around Indonesia. Kindly request to have more information on incinerator technology as it is needed to process 100 ton to 500 ton waste aday. In the Frame of our Specialized Projects Management, we are currently in search for supplier of Waste Incineration system for hazardous waste, the incineration system will be used for incineration of Prohibited Drugs and toxic materials, waste poultry, Dead Animals “cows, goats”, Spoiled vegetables, Etc. at customs Ports. For that we would like to request for your technical and Financial Proposal for supply , installation and Commissioning of Hazardous Waste Incineration system with incineration capacity of at least 400 Kg/ hr.

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The proposal should include the complete description of the whole system: Total cost of supply, Installation, commissioning, Automatic feeding, automatic de- ashing during operation, and efficient gas cleaning system (wet, dry or high temperature ceramic filters), continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), and all    other    accessories, Control    panel    for    all     components     of     the system, Troubleshooting alarm system covering all components of the system, to notify the operator for the fault that may arise during the operation, and to perform immediate corrective action, Emergency Stop button that can easily shut off / shut down all major part of the system in case of emergency situation. Primary chamber capacity/ Average capacity per patch Load: 3000 Kg, Incineration capacity per hour 400 Kg/hr., Loading system: side loading, Number of burners: minimum 7 burners, (5 for primary chamber, 2 for secondary chamber), Fuel: Diesel, The system should work continuously for at least 12 hours per day, The primary chamber: Heavy- duty anodized Rust resistant steel casing with minimum thickness 7mm. painted with heat reflective paint, internal heavy duty refractory cement lining and insulation for maximum heat retention. Cost of supply, installation, operation cost including fuel consumption per hour, and cost of other consumable materials treatment materials (consumption rate per hour and unit cost each), delivery time till operation, Layout for the whole three units and gas cleaning systems, considering minimum are required for the system “including enough area for operation and handling”, Confirmation letter that gas emission from the system after gas cleaning should comply with Saudi regulations for gas emissions (stamped letter and Emission comparison table showing the emissions from your system compared with Saudi regulations “attached”)

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•    Incinerator should have two (2) chambers: primary chamber with five (5) burners to incinerate materials and the secondary chamber with two (2) burners to incinerate exhaust gases.
•    The main body of the incinerator shall be stainless steel and the outside insulation thickness of not less than 7 mm made from zinc or phosphate for temperature insulation
•    The main gate of the Incinerator should be 150 mm thick and strength not less than 170 kg/m3. The door should be automatic with remote to operate.
•    The Incinerator should be designed in accordance of the environmental regulation followed in country of  origin or  as per  Saudi Arabian PME Regulations.
•    The incinerator should have fuel storage with capacity of 1000 liter.
•    The incinerator shall have the capacity to operate with temperature up to 1300 OC in the primary chamber and it can remove the residual while the incinerator is in operation
•    The inside body of the incinerator should have insulation layer made of calcium with thickness of 50 mm while the thickness of the internal surface should be 100 mm in order to stand with 1300 OC.
•    All the supporting braces of the incinerator shall be installed on stainless steel.
•    The gap between the internal and external body shall be filled with the special insulation material.
•    The exhaust shall not stay more than two (2) seconds in the secondary chamber and this chamber shall be built with high density of ceramic oasis.
•    There should be a stack with four (4) meter from the top surface of the incinerator and can be removed and installed.
•    The incinerator shall have control device for exhaust gases so that the emission shall meet the PME source standards
•    The power supply should be 220 – 380 Volts, 60 Hz. and the incinerator shall be provided with control panel showing the following:

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•    Temperature of primary and secondary chamber.
•    Condition of pressure gages.
•    Alarm showing if there is any leakage or misconducting in the electricity.
•    Indicator for overloading the burner.
•    Timer for automatically switching off the incinerator.
•    All the incinerator parts including fuel pumps, fans, valves and pipes can be operated in high ambient temperature (50OC)
•    All  parts  of  the  incinerator  shall  be  painted  in  one  color  which  should  be resistant to high humidity, high temperature and high dust / sandstorm.
•    3 years warranty with spare parts and technical supply and
•    10 years warranty for  providing spare  parts starting from the  date  of first warranty expiry
•    Provide all the list of consumable items like, filters, sorbents, etc.

The bidder shall provide all necessary details related to the facility dimensions, space area required for the whole system and all operation requirements, Details about required facility (hanger) including Layout, civil work and electromechanical details including electricity, water pipes, fuel pipes, tanks, etc. Complete Drawing & 3D drawing Clearly Show All Sections and Details of the System. List of spare parts and checklist. Required Operation staff, Fuel consumption rate of the whole system. Since our project is a turnkey project including Design, Build & Operate of central incineration facility covering all the above mentioned details and we have to coordinate all civil works and necessary requirements to operate the system.

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