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HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, supply system solutions for medical environmental protection, animal and pet cremation engineering, other municipal solid waste incineration project.

We supply single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators for laboratory, clinic, hospital, medical center, hygiene clinical waste destruction with medical disposable, biological waste, medical plastic waste, hazardous waste, red bag waste, needle disposal, gauze and bandages, sealed sharp containers, pathological waste, trace-chemotherapeutic wastes, etc.

Our range of incinerators cater for small to large scale animal cremation related businesses, such as poultry farms, cattle farms, sheep farms, pig farms, stables, kennels, testing laboratory, catteries, pet crematoriums.

The incinerator burn waste in primary combustion chamber and burn the smoke from primary combustion chamber again to make sure environmentally friendly with no black smoke, smelless, reduce pathogenic bacteria infection.
System solutions for medical waste environmental, including waste incineration, smoke emission treatment, high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, waste shredder, needle destroyer, medical waste package, sharp containers, etc.
The pet cremation equipment humanized design with movable platform, small space covers for modern pet cremation business owner all over the world.
The containerized mobile incinerator mounted in ISO container before leave factory, pre-installation, no incineration house build construction, movable by truck and ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside.
HICLOVER is growing brand for environmental protection field, and market share with most of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries and part of North America, Europe territory. We are trusted partner for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. We have export experience more than 40 countries, including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturer make reasonable price for incinerator customer, supply medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, animal incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation equipment, small incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, portable incinerator, small animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, laboratory incinerator. HICLOVER help customer reduce purchase budget, custom made function, quality products and friendly service.


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Key Features:

— Full range incinerator with Economized Small Scale incinerator, Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator, General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Pet and Animal Cremation, Containerized Mobile Incinerator, High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator.

— Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators.
— System solutions for medical waste environmental.
— High burn rate, from 5kgs to 1000kgs per hour.
— New Design for pet animal cremation business.
— HICLOVER, trusted partner with years of experience.
Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 100L 210L 330L 560L
Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm
Secondary Chamber 50L 110L 180L 280L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 0.75Kw 0.83Kw 0.99Kw 1.2Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.8.4 Ave.10.9 Ave.13.3 Ave.16.9
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.10.1 Ave.13 Ave.16 Ave.20.2
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil Tank 100L 100L 100L 100L
Feed Door 30x30cm 45x40cm 55x50cm 70x55cm
Chimney 3Meter 3Meter 5Meter 5Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 1500kg 2200kg 3000kg 4500kg
External Dimensions 140x90x120cm 160x110x130cm 175x120x140cm 230x130x155cm

Items/Model TS100(PLC) TS150(PLC) TS300(PLC) TS500(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 100 kg/hour 150 kg/hour 300 kg/hour 500 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 1200L 1500L 2000L 3000L
Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 150x100x100cm 170x120x100cm 210x120x120cm
Secondary Chamber 600L 750L 1000L 1500L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 1.38Kw 1.69Kw 2.57Kw 4.88Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.20.4 Ave.24.2 Ave.33 Ave.44
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.24.5 Ave.29 Ave.39.6 Ave.52.8
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil Tank 200L 300L 500L 500L
Feed Door 80x60cm 80x60cm
Chimney 10Meter 10Meter 14Meter 14Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 6000kg 8500kg 11000kg 16000kg
External Dimensions 260x150x180cm 300x160x190cm 400x210x300cm 450x210x300cm
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animal waste incinerator

secondary chamber

1000 degree








Autoclave or microwaves



temperature monitor

attached outside of machine



Fuel and electric

During the start and end incineration operations at the waste incineration plant the temperature shall be maintained

at 850 °C, while it shall be 1100 °C when incinerating dangerous waste containing halogenated organic substances with

content of chlorine or its compounds. The temperature shall be maintained at 1000 °C during incineration of medical




Municipal waste incinerator quantities and capacities shall be designed for 24-hour 7-day-a-week continuous operation.


Incinerators shall be capable of processing both wet and dry material and operating on either diesel fuel, JP-8 fuel,


or waste oil; see Plumbing for fuel storage system requirements. The following shall be provided as a minimum:


Reinforced concrete mounting foundations, feed or charging hoppers (or loaders), primary combustion chambers


with ash cleanout doors, secondary combustion chambers with ash cleanout doors, cyclone air filters (or separators),

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Burner medical waste

Lately among customers informed us their goal to procure 1 system Gas Incinerator.medical waste burner to shed the wastes of university hospital in Egypt, the capacity asked for is 5 lots per day.the medium heater that takes advantage of both power as well as likewise oil.A SMALL PET CREMATORY WITH GAS

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pet cremation equipment

Waste Incinerator Capacity

The waste incinerator units shall be designed to burn medical waste load of capacity 50 kg/hr with calorific values

ranging from 2,300 kJ/kg to 30,000 kJ/kg at a designed thermal rate of 1,440,000 kJ/hr.


Method of Waste Charging

Waste shall be fed into the primary chamber manually, that is by hand. Semi-automatic or automatic feeding systems are

not required.


Method of Burning

The primary and secondary burners shall be equipped with at least one fuel oil burner each. Waste shall be manually fed

into primary chamber and heated to required ignition temperature of at least 600 degree Celsius. A controlled amount of

air shall be admitted by combustion air blower to maintain the necessary reaction heat required for thermal degradation

of waste. Smoke, ashes, volatile gases, etc generated from the primary chamber shall be effectively and efficiently

ignited in the secondary chamber. Emission through the stack shall be within environmental standards.


Combustion Chambers

The internal lining for combustion chambers shall be made up of pre-determined thickness and high temperature stability

insulation, high strength firebricks and castible refractory. The temperature rating for refractory shall be at least

1,500 degree Celsius. The casing of the chamber shall be constructed from high grade mild steel plate. Lifting devices

such as eye bolts and lifting lugs shall be fitted as standard.

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health care facility for melting contaminated materials along with chimicals

use in the health center for melting contaminated materials as well as chimicals, marginal Capacity 300 per hr. I will be marketing to my client?. Below is the information I was provided as well as definitely nothing else. The healthcare facility burner for usage in the professional waste as required by worldwide ecological administration. Minimum 300 Kg capacity/hr, Gas released, refractory lined, smokeshaft along with tasting prot. Minimum temperature level of 1100 level Celsiu.the incinerator tool for shed 500kg per hr. work concerning shed clinical waste of the hospitals.Just want to price of you different kinds of Medical Trash Incinerators.need all info on 300 kg per hr system. availability. practical expenses making use of diesel (numerous other). the waste is Human Cells. And also we have 10 kg each day; we require burner for scientific waste.Burn Capacity: 50kgs per hr (Ordinary capacity according to Medical Waste). please forward information regarding prices on each of you pet crematory models.Regarding Gas Incinerator, Please note that Fuel for the Incinerator
will be Gas. As gas is contribute our country.

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Dual Burning Chamber Containerized Mobile Incinerator

Waste Burner Mounted in ISO 20′ ′ ′ ′ or 40 ′ Container before leave Factory. Normal Waste Burning Price from 10kgs to 150kgs per human resources.

Double Combustion Chamber

The incinerator format with primary burning chamber, added burning chamber( post burning) as well as dry scrubber optional. This style will lower black smoke, dropped totally as well as Environmentally Friendly.

Free Installation

The incinerator positioned currently in the container, total with gas system, electrical system and also the control circumstance repaired already. Take care of smokeshaft and also link electrical will certainly wait for operation.

Mobile Incinerator

Waste Heater Placed in ISO 20′ ′ ′ ′ or 40 ′ Container. It’s portable with car to anywhere or emergency situation demand.

Containerized Incinerator

Cost: upto 150kgs per hr

Containerized Incinerator: we shipment incinerator as well as likewise container to clients, no demand to construct incineration residence.

Double Combustion Chamber

Combustion Chamber: upto 1500Liters

Key burning for waste feeding as well as burning and also added burning to melt smoke only.

Incinerator Moveable by truck

Amount weight: 4Ton to 9Ton

Mobile function to anywhere or option to customer at their area website.

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medical waste incinerator

medical waste incinerator: medical waste and general waste
Capacity to burn waste: 400 — 500 kg/hr
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Consumption: 10 litres/hr maximum
Incineration temperature: 950 – 1300 °c
Casing: thick (min 5 mm) Stainless steel casing and fully
insulated to withstand sea humidity
Voltage: 220/240 V or 380/415V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Feeding: automatic
Ash 1 leftovers removal: Automatic
Fuel gas filtration system: Yes
Warranty: 12 months
Staff training: Operator & Maintenance staff
Operation and service manuals: 3 sets each
Especifica??es Gerais     6 mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400°C refractory Liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000°C
400°C silicone Based finish paint
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1.36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service     220/50
System weight    5,700kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height e    60x60cm
Ash port height e    36x36cm
General Specifications    6mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400 ° C refractory liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000 ° C
400 ° C silicone based paint finish
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1:36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000 btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service    220/50
System weight    5.700 kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height and    60x60cm
Ash port height and    36x36cm
medical, hospital, veterinary and industrial wastes by medical waste incinerator Process.
So, we’re interested with your Incinerator plants, and we’d like to get quotation and key features description of different capacities of your Incinerator plants, concerning: small models (5 – 25 kg/hr); medium models (25-50 kg/hr) and big models (50-100 kg/hr) and plus.

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Environmental Protection Solutions


System Solutions for Medical Waste Environmental, consisting of Waste Incineration, Smoke Discharge Treatment, High-temperature Sterilization, Waste Crusher, Needle Destroyer, Medical Waste Plan and Containerized Mobile Incinerators.

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incinerator 500kg per

Composition of the refractory lining:

* Insulation:

– Operating temperature:                1000 ° C max

– Nature:                                   Calcium Silicate

– Thickness:                              80 mm

* Refractory:

– Operating temperature:                1650 ° C max

– Nature:                                   Refractory bricks with 42 alumina

– Thickness:                              110mm


Burner combustion:


– The combustion chamber is equipped with a burner to line to ensure correct temperature for the total destruction of

waste combustion;

– Automatic monobloc burner and flame plunge equipped with an electronic ignition system and permanent ventilation.

Air fan:

– A primary air and secondary air fan provides the necessary oxygen delivery

– There is a motor operated valve that controls the flow according to the combustion.

– The pressure of the fan is 500 mm CE to pierce the mass of waste during combustion.

The Medical Waste Disposal Incinerator units shall be of Dual or Multiple Chamber type that thermally degrades

combustible medical wastes of varying heat content using a two-stage or multiple stages combustion processes. That is

first stage of thermal waste degradation in the primary chamber and second stage of smoke burning (flue gas treatment)

in the secondary chamber. The waste burning process per cycle shall be fully automatic from start to finish. The waste

incinerator unit shall consist of a primary chamber, secondary chamber, stack, combustion air blower, burners and

controls as the main components.

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The number of transmittable medical waste?

Polaris Power saving Information: With the considerable usage the health care market and also the
development of scientific non reusable products, scientific waste generation is proliferating.
The latest information reveal that there were 261, in the city to the community solid waste
air pollution avoidance details, simply these 261 cities this year, clinical waste quantity
gotten to 547,500 great deals.

An additional one statistics expose that at the end of 2012, the complete range of medical
facilities of 950 297 beds 5.7248 million, according to an average of 1 kg per bed
medical waste everyday, the overall amount of medical waste created in the country each
year to reach 200 million whole lots.

Faced with such a substantial amount of waste created, however numerous cities are comprised of one or a.
small number of waste disposal in a singular means of taking care of professional waste incineration. When.
an instance of waste incineration plants folded, the federal government as well as likewise the medical center in the.
monitoring of professional waste as well as additionally day-to-day treatments, will certainly manage significant troubles.

As a matter of fact, university hospital waste produced a large component of metropolitan solid waste as well as similar reduced-.
risk waste, regarding 75% to 90%, the continuing to be 10% to 25% are thought of damaging, it could pose.
a health threat, hospitals communicable waste is usually not more than 10% of the total.
waste. Decrease the quantity of waste created must work group monitoring as the.
residential or commercial property, today waste classification level of the healthcare center, stressing.

Medical waste collection is necessary to the implementation of ecologically audio administration.
of medical wastes, however numerous Chinese health centers do not pay attention to the kind handling.
clinical waste, in addition to open location, no noticeable indications, category degree is low.

General clinical facility with typical household trash containers as well as additionally yellow clinical, health care facility as well as.
personnel educated Message logo design, the swab and additionally numerous other body fluids enter telephone call with the person.
garbage into yellow garbage bag. The press reporter saw some university hospital situated that blood.
Examinations and also outpatient professional area yellow trash can of medical waste both locations.
Paper, food product packaging as well as other standard home waste.

A survey accomplished in a healthcare facility in Wuhu, Anhui Province reveals that at some clinical.
employees category suggestion is obscure, non-infectious waste, such as clinical materials.
item packaging, one-of-a-kind clinical waste integrated with yellow bag. Such a method did not.
trigger injury to the spread of condition, however it enhances the expense of processing clinical waste.

Survey on the standing of monitoring and disposal of medical waste in a primary medical care facility.
disclosed that the passing price of trash transferred only 45%. The study also clarified.
that a lot of medical waste in the lack of sterilization, supplied to the transfer.
terminal handling, which may produce second contamination garbage take place during transportation.

Great deals of neighborhood clinical garbage disposal charge is determined according to bed, the quantity of waste.
produced by healthcare facilities not right related to the handling fee paid. , if the hospital.
boost the management level, decreasing the quantity of waste created, as well as the identical number.
of beds, rubbish prices will absolutely not be lowered, to make sure that is not conducive to encouraging.
clinical centers resource waste splitting up along with decline.

Medical waste are made complex, including infectious wastes, pathological wastes, chemical.
wastes as well as likewise damaging waste, and so on, connecting to various fabric products, plastics, glass,.
steel in addition to human companies, a solitary treatment is challenging to achieve for a selection of.
clinical garbage risk-free therapy.

For numerous type of clinical waste, we have a different handling method and also gadget.
have actually been produced in addition to used throughout the globe. In order to decrease worldwide pollution of.
furans and dioxins, the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and also the World.
Health and wellness Company advises using various other alternate kinds melted. Autoclaving is.
potentially the most thoroughly used non-burning disinfection, along with chemical handling.
development, refining modern innovation as well as microwave plasma taking care of modern-day technology.

China is currently typically used is incineration, this technique has a tendency to create substantial quantities of.
damaging gas mix, including hydrochloric acid, dioxins and furans, together with damaging.
metals lead, cadmium along with mercury.

An extra total professional waste incineration system will contain the feed system,.
burner, burning air system, start the ignition as well as burn-assisted system, flue gas.
filtering system, as well as additionally the deposit managing system, automatic monitoring system and also.
emergency system, which flue gas cleansing system is utilized to cut dioxin, mercury as well as various other.
really dangerous compounds by incineration. Nonetheless, research study discloses that some old gadgets.
clinical burners, waste is a straight smoke exhaust discharges.

South China Institute of Environmental Sciences as soon as a scientific waste incineration plant in.
Guangdong Province as the research study things, via the collection in addition to evaluation incineration.
plant as well as additionally the surrounding dust and additionally plant samples, PAHs comprehend incineration plant (PAHs).
distribution, resources and also contamination levels. The outcomes show that medical incinerators soil.
surrounding a certain level of contamination of PAHs recognized in the dirt 16 polycyclic.
fragrant hydrocarbons, PAHs complete quantity ranging 11.83 ng/ g ~ 788.24 ng/ g, indicate 236.681 ng.
/ g; in the research study area downwind of the prevailing winds in the dirt, complete PAHs were.
substantially greater than the prevailing winds dirt web content, as well as likewise the total emphasis of.
PAHs in dirt raises with array disclosed a progressive reduction. medical incinerator

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Burner Maximizing Combustion Performance

More smoke along with various other pollutants are introduced right into the air throughout the ‘‘ start-up’ as ‘well as ‘ amazing’ stages of the shed cycle

than throughout the ‘‘ full thaw phase ‘when heats are preserved. Reduced temperature degree smoldering fires need to be

prevented. Melt just dry feedstock as well as sometimes include added waste to the fire in order to keep high melt

temperature levels up until all waste has really been wrecked. If waste is to be open burned on the ground, taking advantage of deep or steep-walled

‘‘ pits’ have to be stayed clear of as this will certainly stop the necessary harsh mixing of oxygen with the burnable gases.

Preferred running temperature degree ought to be completed as promptly as feasible when running any kind of burning or incineration device. A

quick ‘‘ start-up’ can be achieved by initial openly filling completely dry paper, paperboard product packaging and without treatment wood right into the lower

of the gizmo. Dry, openly packed material will stimulate faster as well as also burn extra evenly than a damp, securely stuffed tons.

Moist waste requirement to simply be included after the fire is proactively burning. Overfilling the burn chamber will absolutely avoid the rainy

blending of burnable gases in addition to oxygen, along with should be protected against.

Modern batch feed incinerators are made with supporting as well as main heaters to accomplish as well as protect the required high

thaw temperature levels. Added waste needs to just be consisted of in these incinerators once the ‘‘ cool off’ phase has actually been

finished along with it is safe to do so.

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