install a diesel fired incinerator

install a diesel fired incinerator

incinerate mainly pharmaceuticals ( all types of dosage forms … syrups, tablets, injectables ) medical consummabables, and also biological fluids …
Capacity around 10 kg/ hour. install a diesel fired incinerator that can accommodate a batch load of up to 100 kg with a daily burning requirement of up to 500kg per 8 hour day. Industrial Incinerator to destroy
the pharmaceuticals waste like Alu, PVC,PVDC etc.Installation for burning of animal waste cost, presence, repayment terms where it is possible to buy in Russia? I am looking to for capacity between 200 -400kg
Perform painting required for surfaces not otherwise specified, and finish painting of items only primed at the factory

a. Submit [Six] complete copies of operating instructions outlining the step-by-step procedures required for system startup, operation and shutdown. Include in instructions the manufacturer’s name, model number, service manual, parts list, and brief description of all equipment and their basic operating features. And [Six] complete copies of maintenance instructions listing routine maintenance procedures, possible breakdowns and repairs, troubleshooting guides, and simplified schematic diagrams for the system as installed.

Preheat the incinerator for 4 hours to reach the firing temperature of 982degrees C [1800] degrees F. Weigh and record the total charge weight. Charge the incinerator at the rated burning capacity in kg pounds per hour for a period of [4] hours and operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions. Include in performance testing the operation of the mechanical charging facilities, the incinerator, the air pollution control equipment, the ash
handling equipment, and the operation monitoring facilities. Perform testing full scale for a full- operation cycle, and monitor performance to verify compliance with the contract requirements submit a report on monitoring results. Reduce the waste to a fine ash residue. Follow normal burnout procedure. After the incinerator has cooled, weigh the residue. The weight of the residue shall not exceed 5.0 percent combustible material of the total charge weight.
After clean-out, the incinerator shall not show any evidence of deterioration, such as shagged or spilling refractory, warping of parts, and discolored exterior paint.

Test the incinerator under actual firing conditions. Verify with testing that all controls function within the maximum and minimum limits for temperature or timing. Simulate actual unsafe conditions such as high temperatures and flame failure by reducing the settings for the activation of limit and safety controls.

•Shell Temperature
Operate the incinerator under normal load conditions for not less than 6 hours. After 6 hours, temperature readings of the outer shell, taken at not less than 5 random locations, shall not exceed the temperature limitation of paragraph furnace construction.
– capacity: 300-400 kg/hour
– Fuel syetem: Dual fuel( both oil and gas)